The Goji Recipes

Tibetan Goji Berries are used in drinks, baked materials,  lamb stews, a variety of  creals and fruits : Any recipe will add to the collection.

Pure and Simple Goji Juice can be made by putting the berries in a glass of water for 24 hours, and chewing the berries proved  four grams of fiber. It gives energy because of phyto nutrients. One can use a blender to mix the ingredients well.

Pure and Simple Goji (3 soaked ones) with cuts of Apple, wallnuts,pine nuts,sunflower seeds, and a lot other fruits according to taste to make a salad. If  you make a paste of all these and allow it to freeze, it can be good ice cream also which can be a bar or a ball.

Goji-Ginger Almond Pears (from Jon Laruet ) can be made with all the ingredients cut  in various shapes and brought to a boil with a little arrowroot powder for consistency. Added with salt and the extract would be good for the stomach.


Orcas Island Goji Berry Wild Rice Salad – (from Julia S. ) can be made out  with cooked wild rice garnished with the whisked  blend of kidney beans, black beans, Goji berries, spinach, beats, roasted or boiled chicken breasts with vinegar, pineapple juice.  Mixing has to be done before the serving.

Chocolate Recipe Alternative With Goji And Prune (from Alex Windall) : Make a dense blend of all the materials and plum and fat free chicken, salt , butter , flour and egg and can be baked to get the cake or chocolate.

Tibetan Goji & BlueBerry-Peach Pie can be made with the dough of almond, flour, egg and pecans that is chilled for 30 minutes, baked in a 350°F heated oven, for 15-20 mins. Cooled and is laid on a  bed of  peach+sugar+lemon juice+cornstarch ( butter is added for blending). Another layer of blueberry with equal treatment can be made and subsequently one layer would be of gozi berry.

Amchi B's Carrot Soup with Goji, Orange and Ginger made with olive or coconut oil.
Goji/Rhubarb Shortcake with Almond Brown-Sugar Biscuits  (from Walter Reindale) : Boil the rhubarb, keep it for a day,  combine it with almond, sugars and make a dough, roll it  and cut biscuits and bake.