What Is Goji Juice


Himalayan goji berries and Chinese goji berries are equally effective when it comes to health but there is a difference in taste. The Chinese berries are smaller and a little bitter tasting. The Himalayan berries are larger, plumper and sweeter tasting.

Either way, this marvelous little fruit with its health and anti-aging benefits, along with exercise, more of a vegetarian diet including fresh herbs, lots of water and fresh air, might very well be your fountain of youth !

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With modern technology we can now analyze the make up and components and health benefits of goji berries (also known as wolfberries).

Goji Juice has been traditionally used to alleviate the following conditions:

  • to strengthen the heart and alleviate heart palpitations
  • fights insomnia and forgetfulness
  • contains polysaccharides which control the pituitary glands that produce HGH (human growth hormone) which is a powerful anti-aging hormone
  • can be used by pregnant women to alleviate morning sickness.
  • Has in clinical trials shown a partial reversal in sexual dysfunction in seniors
  • Used to boost the function of the immune system
  • Has some anti-cancer properties and has been successfully used to treat hepatitis-B
  • Has been used successfully for weight loss
  • Helps the body detox, cleans the blood and build the immune system.

Here are some facts about this marvelous fruit:

  • They contain 19 amino acids including the 8 essential amino acids.
  • They have 21 trace minerals including zinc, calcium, germanium, selenium and phosphorus
  • B vitamins
  • Has more Beta-carotene than carrots (which converts to vitamin A) and has a complete spectrum of antioxidants.
  • Has vitamin E which is almost unheard of in fruits
  • Has 500 times more Vitamin C by weight than oranges
  • It contains the anti-inflammatory agent beta-sitosterol which lowers cholesterol and takes care of sexual health
  • They have essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and linoleic acid that regulate hormones
  • Has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

Goji Berry Juice  has no harmful effect and there is no prescribed amount of consumption. Anyone can take it in suitable quantity.


Benefits of Goji Juice:

It makes the metabolism strong, has good nutritious value and also it affects the life period. Research and analysis results that goji berry juice is influence the growth rate and can contribute towards a long life.

Goji is a berry, which is not commonly found and can be used in making this special juice. It is seen that some of the old people have it as the secret of the long life and in east part of the world they have a long life and gives the credit to the Goji juice. Scientists have found some of the very important anti-oxidants in it, which prevents the body to break in dead cells and grow old.soymiraclebeanpod.jpg

Currently, Goji berry juice has become a product in the market so it is very easy to get Goji juice from the market without any kind of hard work. So this important juice can be easily be used by everyone owing to the advancement of science and technology.

Western health food companies regularly promote Goji juice and extort which are derivative from the “Tibetan goji berry ” although Tibet is only one of many sites in Asia where the fruit grows in nature.

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